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northern star founders

Meet Founders Shaheen & Noraida Miller 

Where Fashion Meets Purpose , Be The Light

northern star watch
northern star watch

About Us

Northern Star Watch Origin


I have never been a fan of high fashion or name brand goods. People that know me will say I will wear the same pair of shoes for an entire year. I’ve never been picky about clothing for as long as I can remember. But there is one thing I’ve always been picky about. Watches. When it came to watches I have what you could say a very , exquisite palate. Often times that palate would draw me towards a $120 watch I really like , or the $ 50,000 watch I could only afford in my dreams. If it looked great , and fit my personality I loved it. I don’t wear watches because it’s an expensive or name brand watch , but I wear them because I feel something when I look at it.


About 3 years ago I was soundly asleep. This was one of those rare occasions where I actually had a dream, and even rarer that I could remember it! This particular night I dreamed that I was looking at the beautiful night sky. The stars were ethereally bright and pronounced. There was one star in the center of the others that was brighter and bigger than the rest. Suddenly the stars started to shift and come down out of the sky , in what seemed to be within the form of a watch face. When the watch face was before me the stars was STILL inside it glistening as if it never moved out of the sky. The stars was within the watch now. In my dream or vision (because it felt so real) I remember the sensation of thinking this is the most beautiful watch I have ever seen.. and then I woke up.


My birthday was 2 weeks away and I was on a mission. I NEEDED to find that watch I saw in my dream. Someone had to have created it or made something similar. I had to find it. I began my search of what began as 1 or 2 websites, led to 10 or 15, then led to over a hundred websites, and could not find the watch I saw in my dreams , more importantly I couldn’t find a watch that made me feel the way I did in my dream. Have you ever had a dream where you could fly ? It’s the strangest , exhilarating, yet familiar feeling that when you wake up , you why you can’t really fly just like in the dream. That is the feeling I was searching for. In my desperation after looking through thousands of watches , I decided to draw out the watch so I couldn’t forget it.


After several hours of messing with it I had a concept. Like a little kid with his hurried drawing showing mom , I ran to my wife to show her and she was both shocked and surprised at what I drew , and so was I . I looked at my half baked windows word art slapped together image and knew I had something special .


We decided to try my hand at Adobe illustrator, and refine my drawing a bit more. I spent days learning how to make a line , how to texture through YouTube videos because I have never used Adobe suite before. Once I finished refining my drawing , again all proud I showed my wife the laptop. I asked her what shall we name it ? She said how about Northern Star.


We are thrilled to introduce you to Northern Star Watch, a blend of sophistication and luxury. Our sleek and sophisticated 33mm dial watch is designed for the modern-day gentleman or lady who values elegance and refinement.

Our timepiece is powered by a premium Japanese Movement Miyota 90S5, providing you with precise and accurate timekeeping. The double anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass ensures that your watch remains scratch-free, providing crystal-clear visibility at all times.

Our watches features moissanite gems, it creates a glistening like stars in the night sky and can be seen from a great distance away. Our watches make your wrist light up unlike anything seen in the world today. But this is not just a design feature. Each watch represents a different charity or mission that was sponsored, as the owner at checkout gets to choose where they would like their watch to sponsor at no additional cost to them.

We believe that our product, the Northern Star Watch, will be a bright light in this world, and we will continue to work hard to ensure that the light keeps shining!

Our mission is to create a product that is not only stunning but has a purpose embedded in every stage of the process. We are not promoting just a product but promoting being a light for others in need. "Fashion Meets Purpose, Be The Light" is our motto, and we wear this proudly.

In a world where technology reigns supreme, the Northern Star Watch represents a beacon of hope and clarity, providing light to those seeking direction and purpose. It is a watch that speaks to the soul, and its message is clear: stay true to your beliefs, and trust in the guidance of the Creator God.

We have big plans for the future, and it's not just about selling watches. It's about creating a movement that inspires people to be a light for others in need. We are committed to starting the Northern Star Watch Foundation, which will go towards providing free lunch for kids that cannot afford to eat in states that do not allow it. We want to ensure that no kid has to experience learning or coming home hungry. Northern Star Watch wants to make a difference, and we invite you to be a part of it.

We take pride in our business model, product design, values, and ethics. We believe that we can make a difference, and we hope that you will join us in this journey. Thank you for considering Northern Star Watch, and we hope to hear back from you soon.



It is An Honor To Serve The King! 

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