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Returns & Warranty Policy


You may return a product purchased through the Sales Channels for refund, provided that the return complies with these Conditions of Sale.

Only the buyer will be entitled to receive a refund of the purchase price. In no event will a person who has received the product as a gift (i.e. a “Gift Recipient”) be entitled to receive a refund. If you are a Gift Recipient and wish to return a product, please contact to discuss your options.

If the return complies with these Conditions of Sale, we will use commercially reasonable endeavors to refund the purchase price to the buyer using the same means of payment as used by the buyer for the initial transaction within thirty (30) days after receipt of the returned item by the Northern STAR distribution center. Initial shipping charges will be refunded, except where you had originally opted for a non-standard delivery, in which cases the supplemental costs will be non-refundable.


Refund Policy for Pre-Orders

At Northern Star Watch, we want to ensure your satisfaction with our pre-order service. If you find yourself in need of a refund for your pre-order, we've designed a hassle-free process to assist you. Simply reach out to us at, our dedicated point of contact for refund requests.

To be eligible for a refund, your pre-order should meet the following criteria: the product or service has not been delivered or made available to you, and the refund request is made within a reasonable timeframe before the scheduled release or delivery date. When contacting us, please provide the necessary proof of purchase, such as an order confirmation or receipt.

Once we receive your refund request, our team will promptly review it to ensure it aligns with our policy. If approved, we will initiate the refund process using the same payment method used for the original purchase, unless otherwise agreed upon. Please note that the timing of refunds may vary based on factors such as payment method and financial institution processing times.

If your original payment method is no longer available or suitable, we may offer alternative refund options, such as store credit or a gift card, at our discretion. Rest assured that we will make every effort to process your refund in a timely manner, although specific timelines for the refund to be reflected in your account cannot be guaranteed.

We strive to provide excellent customer service and aim to address your concerns effectively. However, please be aware that certain circumstances may make your pre-order non-refundable. These include instances where the product or service has already been delivered, the refund request is made after a reasonable timeframe, or the pre-order was made using a non-refundable payment method like cryptocurrencies.

In the event of changes to release dates or product specifications, we will communicate any updates to you promptly. You'll have the option to maintain or modify your pre-order, or request a refund following this policy.

While this refund policy for pre-orders outlines the general process, it is important to note that it is subject to any additional legal rights you may have under applicable consumer protection laws. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated customer support team at We are here to assist you and ensure your satisfaction with our services.


The Northern STAR watch comes with a two-year limited warranty from the date of purchase, covering manufacturing defects, subject to certain conditions. Any part that is found to be defective as a result of a manufacturing defect by our technical services will be repaired or replaced at our sole discretion, free of charge. The warranty is valid only if the enclosed warranty certificate has been completed, dated, stamped, and signed by an authorized Northern STAR retailer or the Northern STAR Watch LLC.

The warranty does not cover defects resulting from accidents, mishandling, abuse, use of unauthorized batteries, unauthorized alteration or repair, normal wear and aging of the watch, loss of water resistance after two years (if applicable), or any defect resulting from contact with water (if not water-resistant). Northern STAR water-resistant watches are identifiable by a symbol on the back, and their water resistance is guaranteed for two years provided that certain parts have not been damaged.

This limited warranty is the exclusive manufacturer warranty and does not extend beyond two years from the date of purchase. Northern STAR's liability is limited to repair or replacement under the terms and conditions stated herein. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of the use or inability to use the watch, nor for any incidental or consequential damages relating to the watch.

Certain jurisdictions may have different legal rights, so some limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This limited warranty grants specific legal rights, in addition to any other legal rights that may vary by country, state, province, or territory.

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