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The Northern Star Watch, Fashion Meets Purpose

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Shaheen Miller, 8/26/22

Stars are admired from a distance

Since the earliest of times, humanity has gazed up at the stars in wonder and admiration of the sheer limitless glory of God, the Heavens. Stars brighten the dark sky, and though they appear small and insignificant at first, as stars unite, they create a symphony of beauty, colors, and sizes that would stop any admirer in their tracks to say ..." wow ."Among all the stars, the most famous and historically notable is the Northern Star. As the story goes, the bright Northern Star guided the wise men from different nations and backgrounds to Jesus to herald his birth!

The Northern Star Watch fundamentally works the same way as the natural stars. The Northern Star Watch dial resembles the night sky or different stages of the night sky, from sundown to midnight and from midnight to dawn. The Northern Star Watch has embedded in it 19 moissanite gems, which simulate stars twinkling and shining, lighted by our unique LED Horizon ring, a feature that no other watch in the world has. The Northern Star Watch will stop admirers in their tracks and make them say, "Wow, what is that!?"

Besides turning heads, the Northern Star Watch has 20 stars; the 20th star is you, the owner. Each Northern Star Watch owner will get to pick at checkout which non-profit or mission they would like their watch purchase to sponsor (a small percentage of sale) from a list of verified organizations. Together with other stars from all over the world, although it seems like a small contribution at first, united before you know it, hundreds and thousands, even millions of stars together, will illuminate this world for others in need. That is why our light shines. Be the Light!

It's An Honor To Serve The King!

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