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The Technology Behind Northern Star's Water-Resistant Watches

Updated: Jan 8

Northern Star Watches have gained a reputation not only for their stunning designs but also for their durability, especially regarding water resistance. Suppose you've wondered how these timepieces remain functional even in wet conditions. In that case, this article is your gateway to understanding the remarkable technology that makes Northern Star's water-resistant watches stand out.

Northern Star Watch

The Importance of Water Resistance

Before we dive into the technology, it's essential to recognize the significance of water resistance in watches. Water is a common element that timepieces encounter, whether through accidental splashes, daily activities, or outdoor adventures. Water resistance ensures that your 

watch remains unaffected, maintaining accurate timekeeping and preserving its appearance.

Sealing the Watch Case

At the heart of Northern Star's water-resistant technology is the meticulous sealing of the watch case. Precise engineering and high-quality materials achieve the case's design, preventing water from entering. A crucial component is the gasket, a rubber or silicone ring that forms a watertight seal when the watch is closed.

Depth Ratings and Pressure Testing

Watch manufacturers often measure water resistance in meters or atmospheres (ATM), indicating the depth to which a watch can submerge without experiencing water penetration. Northern Star subjects their watches to rigorous pressure testing to meet the specified depth ratings. This testing simulates real-world conditions, guaranteeing that your watch remains water-resistant.

Screw-Down Crown and Case Back

Many Northern Star watches feature a screw-down crown and case back, enhancing their water resistance. When securely tightening the crown and case, they provide additional protection against water ingress. This design is precious for divers and water sports enthusiasts.

Use of High-Quality Materials

Northern Star Watches use high-quality materials that are inherently water-resistant. Stainless steel cases and sapphire crystal watch faces are standard components in their water-resistant models. These materials resist corrosion and maintain their structural integrity in wet conditions.

Resilience in Wet Environments

Northern Star's commitment to water resistance extends to extreme conditions. Our watches have been individually tested and produced to go up to 5 ATM in depth, which is plenty of safety to go swimming at the beach or jumping in a river for a day of fun.

Routine Maintenance for Longevity

We made Northern Star Watches to withstand water exposure. Routine maintenance is essential to ensure long-term water resistance. Regularly checking back cover, seals, and crown tightness and avoiding extreme temperature changes can help maintain your watch's water-resistant capabilities.

Versatility Beyond Water

The technology that makes Northern Star Watches water-resistant enhances their overall durability. It means you can confidently wear your Northern Star timepiece in various environments, whether you're exploring the beach, hiking in the wilderness, or simply enjoying everyday life.

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